Going Green

K&D offers several options to help make your mobile clinic more Eco-friendly.  The “Green Industry” is ever-changing, but K&D is always looking into the most innovative ways to help reduce your vehicles carbon footprint.  

Supplemental Solar Power

K&D offers a variety of solar panel systems to supplement your generator or shoreline power supply.  K&D is able to offer you a solar panel system based on your vehicles individual power demands.      

Lithium Batteries

While many solar panel applications help reduce your vehicles power consumption, they also require a large amount of batteries to store and distribute the energy they collect.  This equates to a large amount of chemical waste from the battery acid and their cores.  Making your solar system not as eco-friendly as you thought.   K&D employs the use of the latest Lithium Battery Technology, to help reduce the number of batteries needed for your solar power system.  A single Lithium Battery does the job of SIX standard RV/Marine batteries!  This helps to free up valuable compartment space, while reducing waste by nearly 80%. 


All of our chassis are equipped to meet the latest carbon emission standards.  When purchasing a K&D vehicle, you will never receive an older out of date chassis. 

Lightweight Aluminum Frames

Our custom vehicle frames are crafted with durable lightweight aluminum instead of steel.  This reduces your vehicles weight, and helps it achieve better fuel efficiency while still maintaining the vehicles skeletal strength.  K&D also strategically distributes weight during your vehicle’s design phase.  Helping to give you a balanced and easy to drive vehicle, while also helping you get the most miles out of your fuel tank.