Benefits of K&D

Family Owned
K&D is owned and operated by Raymond Lichty and his wife Pamela. Their son Daniel recently joined the family business and currently manages each project personally.

Supportive of Their Local Economy
K&D is located in Elkhart County, which over the years has been named the "RV Capital of the World". One in every four jobs in Elkhart County is tied to Commercial/Recreational Vehicle Fabrication. This gives K&D access to highly skilled professional technicians with a lifetime of experience. Over 80% of the components in our clinics are manufactured or distributed in Elkhart County.

Professionally Built
All of our highly skilled technicians have a minimum of 15 years experience in the fabrication of commercial vehicles. Owner Raymond Lichty has been building mobile clinics since 1967 and his knowledge of the industry is unmatched.

Custom Built 100% Solid Wood Cabinetry
Unlike our competitors, K&D uses 100% solid wood when constructing cabinetry for our units. Our competitors use laminated particle board, which overtime can delaminate and weaken, especially in areas with high humidity. Our cabinets are designed to provide you with the maximum amount of storage space based on your individual floor plan. They are available in Oak, Maple, or Cherry.

Entrance Steps
Most manufacturers choose to use stair wells at the main entrance of the unit. These large openings around the entrance can be hazardous to anyone using the clinic. At K&D we have developed our very own slide step system which gives you a flat floor throughout your entire unit. Having a flat floor is especially beneficial when an ADA compliant floor plan is called for. The steps are easy to deploy and remain completely hidden when not in use.

Quick Lead Times
K&D proudly boasts the fastest delivery times in our industry, the majority of our clinics are built and delivered to our customers within 60 days. Experienced technicians and access to locally manufactured components allow K&D to deliver in half the time of our competitors.

K&D personally delivers each unit to your facility and provides onsite training for you and your staff at no extra charge.

K&D uses nationally recognized commercial shells and components giving our customers access to a vast network of service options. All of our Class A clinics include a complimentary 1-year membership for a 24/7 roadside assistance program. All Clinics also carry a 1-year warranty on all labor performed by K&D.